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White diesel, also known as DERV and road diesel, had become an increasingly popular choice for a huge range of diesel engine road vehicle types. When it comes to choosing between red and white diesel, most people with regular vehicles will lean towards white diesel, but getting a constant supply of it can be tricky.

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At White Diesel Fuel, we aim to provide a constant supply of white diesel fuel (hence the name) to our Whitehaven clients in July 2024.

Our combination of independent sourcing and excellent bulk buying power means that we can offer ultra-low sulphur diesel to any company that requires it, whether that is as standard fuel or just a niche fuel type for specific practical uses.

White diesel is an important part of many industries, and getting competitive diesel prices is not easy. If you need to keep diesel engines fed, then we can provide the constant source of DERV/white diesel fuel you need to get your vehicles working in the long term.

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Who Are We?

We are specialist DERV/white diesel fuel suppliers that can offer standard fuel at affordable prices, acting as a reliable white diesel supplier to our clients. We understand how important DERV/road diesel can be, and we aim to make sure that it is readily available whenever it is needed.

In just a few hours, we can aim to have our DERV road diesel prepared and ready to ship out to a Whitehaven client. As a fuel specialist company, we understand each kind of diesel fuel we are working with and can aim for competitive prices to make sure that our clients get what they need at lower prices.

Why Choose Us for Your White Diesel?

As fuel experts, we understand how to handle buying bulk diesel shipments and delivering the right amounts to the right clients. Not only do we aim for competitive diesel prices as often as possible, but we also do our best to arrange quick, effective delivery that suits the client’s situation and location.

A major part of using any diesel fuel for a diesel engine road vehicle in Whitehaven is having the fuel available. We do our best to ensure that we can deliver white diesel fuel wherever it is needed, offering a constant supply to keep your vehicles running and enable easy top-ups of partially-filled engines.

We are able to work with clients at any scale and with any requirements, whether that means regular deliveries of diesel fuel or some other unique needs that we can handle. Whether your business only uses a couple of diesel cars or an entire fleet of diesel engine road vehicle types, we can be your dedicated diesel supplier.

Over 10 Years Experience in White Diesel Delivery

With over ten years of experience in the diesel fuel industry, we understand all of the finer points behind buying, storing and delivering any kind of diesel fuel.

Acting as a fuel specialist and supplier to countless facilities across the UK, we have been able to keep a lot of independent businesses well-stocked and fully equipped to use their diesel vans, cars and trucks properly.

We can provide DERV road diesel to our Whitehaven clients and their road-going vehicles in countless situations. Diesel engine road vehicle designs often have specific diesel fuel requirements, and we can make sure that our clients get the right kind of diesel for the right engine.

Whitehaven Accredited White Diesel Suppliers

Our work has made us a prime part of the UK’s modern diesel industry. We have spent years delivering diesel directly to clients, offering personal service and short-notice deliveries that make us one of the best bulk diesel supplier options in the country.

The way we handle our fuels has gotten us noticed by multiple outside companies, earning us a range of accreditations and industry-wide praise. A large part of this comes from the way we handle our role as a diesel supplier in Whitehaven.

We can offer our clients a huge range of high-quality services, including:

Excellent Services

We offer some of the best UK fuel delivery services available, constantly improving the way we handle deliveries to provide maximum quality to our UK customers. We want our work to be the best around and are constantly seeking to improve the way we conduct business or carry out our deliveries without disrupting our ongoing services.

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High-Quality Fuel Sources

We source our fuel from places we trust, providing fuels that our Whitehaven clients can trust. Fuel is an important part of modern business, and we do not want to give our clients sub-par fuels or put them at risk of potential equipment failures as a result of sourcing our fuel incorrectly.

Consistent Deliveries

We keep every delivery consistent and reliable, making sure that our clients are getting their fuel when they need it most. If there are problems with our Whitehaven deliveries, then we take steps to resolve them rather than simply ignoring that there might be a flaw in the way we handle our fuel delivery across the UK.

Continuous Support

We support our Whitehaven clients before, during, and after the fuel delivery. We want our staff to be readily available in case they are needed to handle any unexpected problems or take charge of any specific delivery requirements, no matter the situation. Our services matter a lot to us, and we do not want to offer something sub-par to our UK customer base when there are other options out there.

What is White Diesel?

White diesel is an ultra-low sulphur diesel type that is mostly used for any diesel engine road vehicle. Also known as DERV, road diesel and various other names, white diesel contains a higher concentration of cetane than some other types of diesel (such as red diesel, which is more often used for off-road vehicles).

White diesel is effectively the default form of most diesel fuel, meaning that it is also one of the most important. However, it still needs to be prepared and stored well, since white diesel is still diesel fuel that can easily be tainted if handled improperly. For many people, this will be the most common form of diesel they will see in their day-to-day lives.

Most diesel engine designs in Whitehaven, especially those in vehicles, rely on white diesel as the main fuel source. As a fuel specialist company, we understand how to handle this diesel and how to deliver it to clients effectively with minimal delays or outside problems.

As Fuel

White diesel is used in hundreds of thousands of vehicles all in Whitehaven. Derived straight from crude oil, it is easy to produce and easy to use, making it the most common road diesel you will see on the market.

While not all vehicles use DERV white diesel, especially not in the off-road market, the majority of on-road vehicles are going to use this as their main fuel type.

Why Use Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel?

Most diesel fuel is not directly interchangeable, and it is usually a good idea to use whatever diesel type the engine was originally designed to take. Since the diesel engine fuel used in most road vehicles is going to be DERV white diesel, this means that ultra-low sulphur diesel is simply the option that will work best.

This road diesel is the most common type used for a lot of road vehicles, meaning that it is often the best bulk diesel type to go for if you need to fuel vehicles. While some may require types other than DERV white diesel, this all depends on the engine itself.


White diesel is a rebated fuel derived straight from crude oil, meaning that it does not fall under the heavy restrictions of non-rebated fuel types. This is part of the reason why it has become such a widespread fuel type, alongside red diesel (or gas oil).

Thanks to this, a business is free to purchase this rebated fuel from suppliers without any major restrictions or regulations, giving them vast buying power when looking for road diesel for their vehicles.

We can break down any legal requirements or details that clients may need to know regarding their fuel. However, in most cases, this is not going to be a concern.

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White Diesel Price

The price of white diesel changes with the market, meaning that it is hard to get a consistent cost estimate. Fuel experts spend hours each week keeping track of the DERV prices, and it can often be hard to track down the lowest prices for this fuel on the market.

We do our best to keep our white diesel affordable and accessible, focusing on getting the lowest prices for our clients whenever possible. We want to be a diesel supplier in Whitehaven that you can rely on, and that means fighting the market to deliver the lowest prices we can whenever possible.

Affordable Prices

We try our best to deliver affordable road diesel to our clients, regardless of circumstances. However, considering how often gas, oil and diesel prices change, we can’t always guarantee the same diesel prices every single time.

Our Whitehaven experts work with each client to make sure that we are giving them fair diesel prices, even in situations where bulk diesel supplies may be less easy to maintain.

Competitive Prices

We also try to keep our prices competitive. When it comes to DERV prices, we want to make sure that we are offering great value to our customers compared to other options on the market.

Road diesel is a tough industry, and we have managed to carve out a niche spot for ourselves that we try to maintain in any way we can. This means that most of our prices are based on the current market averages rather than being arbitrarily set.


White diesel is a form of taxed diesel, and this means that tax also needs to be taken into account. As taxed diesel, there may be unexpected extra costs involved for the business we are supplying, something that our experts will take into account when working out the overall DERV prices and any background details on the fuel itself.


We offer flexible payment terms and competitive diesel prices to every Whitehaven business, especially a small business that may rely on a steady supply of fuel while not having the money to purchase bulk diesel shipments outright.

We want to make sure that our customers can get the road diesel they need comfortably and consistently, even if that means talking with our fuel experts to come up with a suitable set of payment terms.

Nationwide White Diesel (DERV) Delivery

We offer nationwide delivery of road diesel, providing a constant source of fuel to any company in Whitehaven. Our fair diesel prices and easy delivery mean that we can provide fuel to almost any business that needs it, regardless of the size of fuel requirements.

Delivery Speed

We do our best to offer one or two-day deliveries whenever possible. This means that your fuel can arrive incredibly quickly, often within a margin of error of just a few hours.

We try to keep customers updated on their shipments, taking care of any delays or setbacks ourselves if possible to ensure much more consistent fuel deliveries.

Delivery Scale

Whether you want a simple order of 1,000 litres or a huge shipment of around 36,000 litres, we can make it possible. We are experienced in handling UK fuel deliveries for a vast range of different companies, all with their own level of bulk buying power and fuel requirements.

Our expert staff always do their best to make deliveries easier for both sides of the process, giving reasonable and accurate estimates of when each shipment will arrive.

Even if you need 36,000 litres of diesel delivered to Whitehaven at once, we can make sure that it arrives in the right place at the right time.

Delivery Safety

Fuels are inherently dangerous to handle if used incorrectly, and we spend a lot of time and money making sure that we deliver fuels without any risk to ourselves, the customer, or the fuels in transit.

We follow all UK regulations about storing fuels, transporting fuels, selling fuels, delivering fuels to Whitehaven businesses and handling the fuels as a commercial purchase.

Emergency White Diesel Delivery

Our emergency road diesel service allows us to get more diesel fuel to you within only a few hours, with our fuel experts finding a way to get the diesel where it is needed on short notice.

This can be invaluable for any business that gets caught without the road diesel they need to keep their cars running or a business whose original bulk diesel supplier may have unexpectedly closed/failed to deliver the diesel they need.


We do our best to provide useful communication during deliveries, making sure that clients know where their diesel is and how long they need to wait before it should arrive.

Bulk diesel deliveries can be extremely important to any business, and we do not want our clients waiting without any idea of where their diesel shipment actually is.


We make sure that we keep each Whitehaven client business satisfied, offering a range of support and personal service options to ensure that the diesel delivery is taken care of properly.

How we handle this depends on the individual situation, but we understand that every business has unique requirements and goals.

Customer Support

Our friendly team can help a UK client business deal with any kind of problem that might arise regarding their delivery, making sure that requests and complaints get passed along to the right people.

Price Management

We do our best to manage our white diesel prices and offer fair payment options, aiming for competitive prices as often as possible. When it comes to fuels, competitive prices can be very important, and we want to give our Whitehaven clients the fuel they need without pushing them over budget.

Large Volume Purchases

Larger purchases can be a scary thing, whether it is gas, oil, fuel, or anything else a business needs. Our staff understand that 36,000 litres of fuel can be a lot of fuel to risk on one company, and we make sure that every one of those 36,000 litres will reach its destination.

A business with vast buying power still needs to be secure in the knowledge that its fuel is going to arrive as expected.

Simple Purchasing

From small top-ups to huge purchases in Whitehaven, we are here to make the process smooth. We take our fuels seriously and make sure that the purchase process is straightforward, enabling each customer to clearly understand what they are buying and how it will be delivered. We do not want to facilitate any accidental purchases or fuel mistakes.


Our staff understand fuel extremely well and can offer a huge variety of advice to help you use it effectively. For example, we can break down whether or not you can use any given fuel type as heating oil – a niche question but something that many smaller UK business clients end up asking.

Our knowledge of fuels allows us to tackle problems alongside our Whitehaven clients, making sure that they understand how to stay safe and use their fuel effectively without dumping too much information on them.

Delivery Management

We can use a dedicated account manager to keep track of your delivery and ensure that your fuels are being handled correctly. Each client is assigned a dedicated account manager to take care of their fuel orders, providing even more protection and security for each purchase.

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Diesel Buying Volumes Whitehaven

We offer road diesel in a range of volume sizes, all following the same diesel prices for consistency. Like all fuels, each business is going to need a different amount, and our flexible payment terms mean that our white diesel prices are consistent across each volume.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many UK business owners do not really understand the finer details behind road diesel as fuel, and it is important to stay informed if your business relies on a steady supply of it. This FAQ breaks down some common questions about road diesel as a whole.

Is all white diesel the same?

There are two grades of road diesel – summer and winter. Winter contains additives that make it more suitable for cold conditions, whereas summer is the standard road diesel you would expect in most diesel cars.

What are the 3 types of diesel?

There are multiple ways to break down diesel into three different categories, which can make it very hard for a business to figure out which type it initially needs. For example, diesel can be separated by viscosity or by the source it comes from.

If you are looking for a specific fuel type, contact our experts to get first-hand support and assistance. We can help guide you towards the fuel you need based on whatever criteria are relevant.

What is white diesel also known as?

When looking at white diesel prices, you may also see it named DERV, ultra-low sulphur diesel, taxed diesel, clear diesel, or various other names.

What colour is white diesel?

White diesel is clear fuel (although “clear” in this case means a muddy amber, brown and/or green tone). Red diesel, its most direct alternative, uses red dye to appear distinct when poured.

Can you mix red diesel with white diesel?

While these can be mixed in the same tank, this is usually only done if you want to use them as a combined fuel. Not all cars and vehicle engines are designed for this; also, it is mostly used to create specialised generator fuel.

However, neither type will cause any damage to your equipment. This means that you can use a mix of fuels in some engines as long as you trust that your cars are able to actually process the fuels properly.

What is DERV/diesel engine road vehicle?

DERV fuel stands for diesel engine road vehicle fuel. This is only one of the many names that white diesel can be known by, and our experts can help explain some of the other related terms if you are looking for any specific details regarding the exact fuels you need.

These names can be confusing at first, but it is not hard to learn the most common ones. We can also explain any terms that you do not understand or names that you are not quite sure about.

Get in Touch

If you want to know more about what we can offer, or are looking for a fuel supplier that you can trust, then contact us and let us know what you need. Our team are always ready to take on more clients and tackle whatever problems or requests they might have, from small top-ups to huge fuel resupplies.

We offer some of the best fuel delivery options in Whitehaven, and we do not want to let our customers down. Contact us if there is anything our staff can do or if you want to arrange a delivery for your Whitehaven business.

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We have used White Diesel Fuel for many years as they are certainly the best in the UK. The attention to detail and professional setup is what makes this company our go-to company for all our work. I highly recommend the team for the immense work - we highly recommend them!

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